Meet the person who flags Inspiration to the young generation – Rohith Reji

January 23, 2019

This is the story of a person who dreams high and a firm believer of disruption in every aspect of life & career.

Reading science and technology articles in the newspapers have given a new vision and direction to Rohith Reji who  now at the young age of 22 is all set to make a mark in the world of Blockchain technology as Vice President.  ‘I graduated in finance, but my interests was always in believeing to be part of innovations and not following the status quo, so every day I read newspapers to stay updated about the new innovations in the field of science and technology and  I realised the blockchain technology is my cup of tea in this emerging era.’ recollects Rohith.

He is now the Vice President of Nowa Labs, a block chain research and development company  based out of Singapore and  an esteemed Professional member of Government Block chain Association  thereby  joining the league of the youngest CXO’s of India and as such kept him in the likes of Ritesh Agarwal of OYO  and cyber security hacker Trishneet Arora. Presently Rohith  is in talks with Christ University to take advise the student community in the board of  student welfare office.

This is not the 1st time Rohith is part of innovations. Previously,

Rohith   lead a team of youngsters and organised   a phenomenal   TEDx event in Kerala. This event  named  TEDX Vazhuthacaud had eminent speakers like Ambassador Dr TP Sreenivasan IFS(retired)  a globally acclaimed  diplomat from Kerala who was the voice of India in international forums like  UN , Soorya Krishna Moorthy the founder of Soorya festival  which is the longest arts  festival  of Asia  and Praveen Parameshwar the  founder of and winner of prestigious Sir Julian Hodge prize. With his leadership, he bought in funding from the Government of Kerala and major MNC Vodafone for the event.

That is not all.

Rohith also mooted a social startup named  ‘Little tales’ along with likeminded friends. The purpose of this initiative focuses on instilling the spirit of reading and love for books in the minds of  the underprivileged children of India. This social start up have given hope to kids, rekindling the value of books in this digital era and this made him the winner of the Richard Dipilla award given by Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA).

Personal Life

Rohith is a Malayalee born in Tiruvalla, raised in Dubai and started his career as a graduate trainee for the Construction giant Larsen&Tourbro.  After his stint in L&T, Rohith is now offering his service to Now labs and is now unlocking the secrets of block technology.

Nowa labs is a start-up based out of India and Singapore and is a registered member of  Government Block chain Association. They offer various services and training opportunities ranging from research and development in block chain,ledger technologies to training programmes offering online / offline workshops and webinars aspiring to the debunking the myths on block chain technology. They have impacted industries ranging from healthcare, fintech and supply chain and presently, working on a vital records projects with the Government of Karnataka to digitize the birth and death records.

Innovation in science and technology has given birth to amazing inventions and discoveries. Economic transactions have traveled a long way from the barter system to the present day online money transactions. Now a bank account holder in India can easily do transactions with a smart phone and an active mobile data plan. India is a booming young digital economy market with 500 million active internet users.  Block chain is an emerging mode of decentralised transaction system.  It is a chain of encrypted blocks. Block chain is a double edged sword. Heated debates are happening on Block chain and its potential benefits and pitfalls. The Government of India is planning to start a new Block chain study centre in Hyderabad, the Block chain district of India . Also around the world by the year 2020, Dubai is mooting an ambitious dream to transform herself to be the first block chain powered government. Hence, the importance of Blockchain is ever demanding which is why this young inspiration from our Kerala has led us to believe that Inspiration and dreams do not die untill we wave our white flag.

“We should always believe that we can achieve our dreams. Sometimes, we fall and may realize that it isn’t going as per what we think. But, what we should do is cling onto that tiny bit of hope inside saying I can go on and move forward. Because, years down the line we should look back and say, I believed in myself”, says Rohith for his fellow readers.