Thiruvananthapuram is the land of strong minds, unconditional humanity and love, and unbeatable youthfulness. It is easy to understand the places, but it’s difficult to get knowledge about it’s glory and importance.
We are a group of youngsters in and around Thiruvananthapuram. Feeling proud to say that our group took its birth from Trivandrum UniY, a University youth wing of YMCA Trivandrum, which acts as a platform that helps self-improvement of the youth, supporting their innovative ideas and acts as a catalyst for their development.
Our Thiruvananthapuram is the source of unending opportunities for the youth in many ways. Even though we have a wide range of opportunities in our own place, people are still wandering hither and thither all over India to find a better place for their better living. Sometimes unable to understand the value of the royal Trivandrum. This leads the inspiration for us to expose the magnificence of “Ananthapuri”.
The “Trivandrum connect” is a small venture of our team to let everyone know about the vast eminence and glorified history of this evergreen city of India.
Travancore is rich in it’s heritage is a province of greater historical importance. Travancore had witnessed courageous battles for the revival of equality and Justice. Travancore has emerged as a well-developed city as we see today is the result of fearless struggles made by our ancestors.
We are proud to be Trivians and hence we found it as our duty to spread the majesty of Trivandrum in front of the world. Our objective is to provide people with the correct and valuable information relating to Thiruvananthapuram. Through “Trivandrum connect” you can find the complete information regarding the various tourist places in Trivandrum, places of historical importance, ballads of Travancore, knowledge hubs, famous personalities from Trivandrum, startups in Trivandrum and so on… The founder of Trivandrum connect,
Mr. Ananthu Sreekanda Kurup along with the co-founders Mr. Gokul S, Ms. Aswathy J S, Ms. Mithra M G, Ms. Nayana V. Sasidharan, and Ms. Annie Prasad is always trying to produce the best for the people. Trivandrum connect is a non-profitable Foundation completely insist on service mind. What we wish to provide today is exactly what we lack yesterday.